I AM Radiant

Hydrating Hemp Face Serum

75mg Organic Hemp + 18 Plant-Based Oils 

Rediscover smooth, glowing skin with our revitalizing facial serum. This antioxidant-rich formula delivers deep hydration while reducing the appearance of redness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Combined with a potent blend of USDA Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and active botanicals to improve skin health and appearance. 

Size: 15mL / .05 oz (5 Week Supply)

Made For: All skin types & all genders

Formulated for all skin types, enjoy both morning and night. For maximum effectiveness, apply 4 -5 drops of serum to cleansed skin 1-2 times daily.

USDA Organic Whole-Plant Hemp Extract, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Prickly Pear, Grapeseed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Marula Oil, Baobab Seed Oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Organic Borage Seed Oil, Organic Sweet Orange Peel Oil, Neroli Oil, Organic Immortelle, Organic Lavender, Calendula Flower CO2 Extract, Organic Pink Grapefruit Oil

All the Good Without the Bad

Our intentions are pure and so is our product. I Am Radiant is a 100% plant-based, non toxic luxurious fusion of mother nature's most potent ingredients. A nourishing combination of organic whole-plant hemp extract, infused with a powerful range of active age defying and antioxidant rich botanicals in every drop. Deliberately formulated to restore balance and tone your complexion while strengthening elasticity and reducing fine lines. Isn’t time you got your glow back?

Your Radiant Blend

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

Organic Hemp Extract

  • Soothes Inflammation
  • Lightens dark spots
  • Reduces Acne Symptoms
  • Reduces Symptoms of Psoriasis & Eczema

Organic Prickly Pear Oil

  • Restores Elasticity
  • Tightens Pores
  • Brightens Skin
  • Evens Skin Tone

Cranberry Seed Extract

  • Soothes Sensitive Skin
  • Reduces Age Spots
  • Firms & Tightens
  • Protects & Strengthens

Organic Jojoba Oil

  • Soothes Dry Skin
  • Antioxidant & Mineral Rich
  • Regulates Oil Production
  • Accelerates Wound Healing


  • Moisturizes & Restores
  • Balances Skin Tone
  • Reduces Lines & Wrinkles
  • Helps Block UV Rays

Grapeseed Oil

  • Reduces Acne Breakouts
  • Reduces Scarring
  • Moisturizes & Protects
  • Minimizes Fine Lines

Pumpkin Seed Oil

  • Revitalizing & Anti-Aging
  • Boosts Collagen Production
  • Improves Skin Tone
  • Promotes Wound Healing

Neroli Oil

  • Minimizes Age Spots
  • Combats Acne
  • Smooths Wrinkles
  • Lightweight Hydration

Botanical Beauty

We know that there is no better substitute for mother nature's remedies and your skin is no exception. What you put ON your body is equally as important as what you put IN your body. The skin is your largest organ and absorbs almost everything you put on it! This is why we believe all skin care should always be non-toxic, natural and organic.

Happy & Hydrated

Our organic hemp extract is formulated with rich botanicals to create a potent blend specifically targeted to bring you inner radiance front and center.

Don't just take our word for it...